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TRANSACT DEALS' is meant to optimize your costs. We all do lot of shopping of goods and articles, travel to places, visit restaurants, spa and retain services of different experts. We spend a good part of our income for pleasure shopping, food, clothes and other luxuries.

Whereas you are interested in this, shops, restaurants and salons are equally anxious to get you as their customer. SO THEY OFFER ATTRACTIVE DEALS. Such deals offer you wider choices plus optimize your costs... Different establishments get their business whereas you get choices and concessions. You get your mobile/jeans/pizza etc. for less than normal price It is a win win situation for both.

Whereas you have interests in different items of shopping and services, you are not aware of options for various deals available in your city. If you have these details, you can make a choice.

'TRANSACT DEALS' is a platform that gives details of various deals available and help you get such deals. It is a platform created by young entrepreneurs to facilitate you in choices and reduction of expenses. ENJOY LIFE MORE for LESS MONEY.