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The new Indian has become bold with their food. They want to explore new cuisines. Besides these experimenters, there are the well travelled who yearn for food they have tasted abroad. They look everywhere but are unable to find what they need. And finally there are these who want to cook at home so that they can watch what they are eating and not over indulging themselves with the extra calories of the restaurant food, or for that matter make delicious food for their loved ones. Thus this constant need to satisfy the tastes buds with the flavours of the global food palette resulted in the conception of Gourmet Food India(GFI).


After all a meal is no more about filling your stomach. It’s about feeding your senses. The tastes, the aromas, the textures all add to the experience of food. It’s not just about the five taste buds anymore.


What GFI did was to get these mouth watering ingredients and food items delivered to your doorstep without the hassles of having to go anywhere, finding parking, making sure you have everything needed for a particular recipe & worrying about not knowing the real flavour or how to use an ingredient while cooking. All you need to do is logon, search for the items you required, read about it & order it. No running around, just sit back and relax.


So order a syrup to make that perfect cocktail or the pasta which tastes no different from that at your favourite restaurant. Get nachos for when your friends are over or the many yummy dips to go with them. Choose from among the many flavours of ready to eat salads or just order organic and gluten free food for a health meal. Whatever it is you are craving – we will home deliver it for you.


Yes we deliver to you and free too, if your order exceeds Rs. 500. And the good times don’t end here. These food products are available at discounted prices. So compare it to any other place and our prices will be lower. And if that is not enough, get joining vouchers, loyalty points, referral bonus, special discounts, weekly deals and food tips to enrich your food experience.