Gulshan Sugars & Chemicals Limited

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The Group has diversified interests and is engaged in manufacture of various Industrial Chemicals for Multiple Applications in several companies. The Group was initially engaged in sugar business, which later diversified into the field of Industrial Chemicals. The Group set up its first Indigenous plant to produce ‘Synthetic Fillers’ popularly known as ‘Calcium Carbonate (Caco3) ‘Precipitated and Activated’ in the State of Uttar Pradesh where the high quality Limestone is available in plenty in nearby area.

The company does not produce sugar any more, however, ‘Gulshan Sugars’ being the ‘Brand Equity’ and well known amongst its customers as such. The company made a Public Issue of Equity Shares in the year 1991 which was over subscribed by more than 40 times in dull market. The company’s shares are traded at Bombay Stock Exchange.

The Group set up manufacturing facilities to produce Specialty Chemical popularly known as Sorbitol 70% in the State of Gujarat. The plant is equipped with International Quality Equipment and Technology having the largest capacities in India. The plant is capable to produce Crystalline and Non-crystalline grade of Sorbitol, which is a unique feature as compared to other domestic plants.

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