Indo Kashmir Complex, Nawab Bazar, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir INDIA 190002 | Srinagar , India

KashmirBox.com is a multi-product, multi-brand e-commerce marketplace from the vale of Kashmir. Here artisans, craftsmen, entrepreneurs and the other creative Kashmiris showcase their products and skills to the global marketplace. In this otherwise hostile environment, it is our effort to help the community towards creating a sustainable livelihood.

Brand Kashmir has a rich heritage of arts, crafts, skills, knowledge and organic foods. We aspire to raise the standards of brand Kashmir, which in the recent past has declined due to both internal and external factors.

Abiding to the global best practices for e-commerce processes and partnering with the best in the industry for support and solutions, it is our effort to provide a quality experience to the satisfaction of our valued customers.

We are a social business platform that is committed to bring a vibrant economic activity to the community and unlock the potential of all stakeholders. In our mission to widen our embrace and include underprivileged members of our community, KashmirBox Foundation has been formed as our corporate social responsibility, where the sole purpose is to aid those in need.