Bothra Metals & Alloys Private Limited

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M/s Bothra Metals & Alloys Pvt. Ltd. manufactures aluminum extrusions, aluminum ladder section, aluminum billets, aluminum profile, aluminum section and electronic extrusion. Besides these, we are also Manufacturing extrusion for heat sinks, extrusion for heat exchanger, aluminum extruded section, aluminum door products, aluminum window products and aluminum channels, we are also Manufacturing aluminum, copper, and zinc alloys. The company was founded by Mr. Sunderlal Bothra. It belongs to Bothra Group of Companies.


With the experience of 16 years in aluminum, company has installed most modern extrusion plant of 1000 M.T. capacity , 425 M.T.Capacity and various other modern handling equipment up to Anodizing to produce quality product and Now in process to setup 1600, 1850, 2250 to make up to 10" size.


This company has an in house foundry with modern melting furnace including fully automatic hot top casting technology. Due to this company is able to produce high refined close grain with uniform manner & oxide free logs which helps to get results of superior finish on extrusion surface. Raw materials and alloys are checked online using most modern spectrometer by keeping alloys composition within very close tolerance and achieving desired mechanical and chemical properties. The Company has very modern & latest electrical aging furnace to achieve carbon free extrusion products to get better anodizing quality.


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