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Giftsvilla is India's premier online destination for all the gift items that you would ever need. At Giftsvilla, we offer a wide range of exquisite gifts that we have handpicked from all over India.

We believe gifting is not just a formality to be completed or a convention to be followed but is an expression of self and that’s why making your gifts a memory for lifetime is what we aim at and is what we work for. Every single item in our gift collection features a unique amalgam of appeal and smart design, backed by superior quality and class.

So, who are we?

You just can't wait to know about us, right? Why else would someone read this much on a website? We didn't read this much even for our exams.

Anyway, since you are curious, Giftsvilla has been started by a couple of students from IIT Bombay who were disappointed by the lack of available gift options for their girlfriends( Doubt it? ) and sometimes for their other relatives/friends as well. So, they decided to save the whole country from facing the same problem and that led to the birth of Giftsvilla. To know more about us and our girlfriends, feel free to come to meet us with a few bottles of beer.

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