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A Bit of History first
10 Kya was born out of the minds of a few passionate blokes - utterly and hopelessly hooked on to the movies, photography, tennis and cricket. Like all people who had financial independence, read expendable income, in the last two decades of frenetic evolution of gadgets, they were also gadget freaks. By profession, they were senior executives in the telecom and IT sectors in India. Naturally, affinity to mobile/smart phones, pads and all things computers was borne out of sheer exposure of two decades in ICT. (ICT - Information, Communication, Telecom - before you google and leave our page!)

Therein, lies the twist in the tale!

A Twist in the Tale
After three decades of double-digit growth in India, Telecom and IT sectors had begun to slacken. So were the careers of these so called gentlemen. Not the energies, mind you! On the other hand, all the principles of ICT combined with retailing had begun to sow the seeds of another industry to potentially rival the combined growth all boom sectors of the past. This was a good opportunity for these men to combine their experience in ICT and give some freedom of expression to their passion for Movies, music, games, toys, sports, photography and gadgets.
Another common factor that tied them together was that they were all bitten by the entrprenurial bug, So whether it was the water-cooler chat in the 12-hour-a-gruelling-day in the office, or some idle chat over a cup of coffee, the thread was the same - "kuch karte hain!" (Let us do something).

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