Sricure Herbs (India) Private Limited

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Ayurveda is the oldest surviving complete medical system in the world. Ayurveda ("Ayur" means life and veda means knowledge) is the ancient Holistic science which aims at a total harmony of mind, life, body & spirit in balance with nature's rhythms and the world around us. Herbs have always been known for their healing, preventive and curative properties. Their proper use can alleviate various common health problems and ailments.

Sricure Herbs (India) was established with an aim to combine ancient Ayurvedic science with modern technology. The group has earned a reputation of manufacturing quality allopathic medicines for  the past 25 years. However a firm belief in herbal science as an alternative medicine inspired  us to serve humanity through its befits. It has been well established that while allopathic science is extremely useful in life saving emergent situation, Herbal science has a key role in preventing the disease and providing nutritional and immunological support to the process of serving Human Healthcare.

Our mission

Our mission is to enrich the patient with required helpful medicinal information and delivering the best herbal and safe remedy for healthy living. We always try to provide our products at a suitable cost, which are well within the reach of a common man.

Our products

Our products are the results of extensive research done by our ayurvedic experts due to which our products have a very high efficacy in targeting any disease without any side effects. We have a complete range of cost effective 100% natural herbal remedies with the highest quality, purity, freshness, and potency developed through extensive research and applied technology and we have a complete line of 100% Organic products which are known for their Quality and potency .We have herbal formulations for ailments from head to toe. We also carry a complete range of single herb supplements .We go beyond standard thinking. We procure the best quality herbs and extracts and operate through a process of combining latest technology, state of the art herbal extraction and alkaloid profiling to create the highest quality end products.

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