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Baba was born somewhere in Northern India in 3000 B.C. about 5000 years ago. He was a normal person, but with unique aspirations. He was different from other people and kept working on innovations to help people around him. Though there was no electricity those days, he kept inventing gizmos to make life comfortable for all. It is said that Baba invented the earthen pot (matka) to get cool water in summer. Some also credit him for making the first hand cart on wheels to make movement of material easy.

After several years of serving his community, Baba decided to head to the Himalayas, to get Nirvana. He meditated all over the Himalayas, including the peak of Mt. Everest for nearly 5000 years.

Over the last 50 years, the Himalayas became a very crowded place with tourists and mountaineers all over the place. Baba could not find peace even on Mt. Everest. Hence he decided that time has come for him to return back to the world he left 5000 years ago.

He toured the world, and found that the world has changed, and technology has evolved! He decided to dedicate his life to bringing innovative technology to the common people.

Baba's website will be constantly updated with fantastic gizmos and gadgets you wont find anywhere. And at very reasonable prices!

We, his disciples are here to help you out with choosing different gizmos with different features that will make your friends and family go crazy, and you will keep asking for more!

Baba’s favorites section will feature selected gizmos that Baba recommends and also uses himself.

Your search for your need for gizmos ends here at Gizmobaba which is here to make Baba’s followers happy by providing them with what they want with just a click, no matter where they are.

Baba's followers can also visit this Facebook page for his Darshan as often as they like.

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